Every brand is aware that the consumers’ trust and loyalty can’t be bought through marketing, it is something a brand earns. With a relatively simple way to win sales through large promotions or rewards, we truly get disconnected with the authenticity of the product. A genuine connection is what Cultivo works towards.

This blog will explore the darker side of every product and the possibilities to eliminate the veil from each consumer’s eyes while buying a product.

The focus is on the authentic market and to serve authentic products.

Have you ever thought of the genuineness of the product even if it is from a branded seller?
Can you be 100% sure that the branded product you are buying is authentic?
Are they disclosing to you from where the materials are used?

There are so many questions and the answers are, none.
Before diving into the real issue, let’s look into why the authenticity of the products matters.
With the sheer amount of advertisement and marketing, people get into the tune of the product. When they see it in the shopping centres they simply buy it, repetitive advertisements make the name of the product known, subconsciously. Often the consumers can’t actually vouch for the authenticity of these products.
Modern consumers are smart, they can smell deceitful marketing from a mile away. As per the CEO of Brandish Insights, Josh Braaten, “with all the fake news out there today, consumers are getting more discerning than ever and have less patience for anyone who is stretching the truth or trying to deceive them.”
Counterfeiting and fraud have also become big issues. Manufacturing processes are kept hidden from consumers and this makes the market more vulnerable to fake products.
As per scientists, in ten years, the value of the international trade in counterfeit and pirated physical products has risen by more than 80 per cent. It is estimated that by 2022, the counterfeit goods are expected to drain 4.2 trillion dollars from the global economy – putting 5.4 million jobs at risk in the process.
We help consumers connect to the product and its production process. With the help of Cultivo, consumers will be able to make more informed buying decisions and escape the risk of buying counterfeit products.
For a brand the ultimate display of authenticity is transparency. By providing an insight at how the products are actually made adds credibility to the brand.

Cultivo helps brands provide such key information to consumers and set them apart from majority sellers in the market.
Introducing customers with the makers of a product is the best way to make them well versed with the authenticity of a product.
Promoting authenticity in marketing will help brands express their value and purpose.

As a consumer, you need to take a stand to know about your product in detail. Trust this journey and strengthen your buying capabilities.

C u l t i v o strengthens connections with brands worth trusting.