Critical analysis of the unrecognized labour behind the making of any product

While many stakeholders believe in the worker wages at the global supply chain are too low; the disagreement about what if anything can be done to raise the bar of wages. This is a regular story that we keep on hearing from people. People talk about productive margins; increase of productivity the unfair compensations. What about the unnoticed labour to manufacture a product? Does anyone think about the localities that are associated with any sort of good making procedure, hardly isn’t it! In this article, we will talk about those unrecognized labourers who time and again have made things easier for us and we hardly have noticed their detailing.

Supply chain how it works?

The supply chain is a network between the company and its suppliers to produce and distribute any sort of specific product to the final buyer. This networking includes diverse activities, people, entities, information and resources as well. It represents the steps to get a product and service from its original state to the customer.
Companies develop the supply chain to reduce the costs and remain competitive in the business landscape. The process of the supply chain management is crucial as it shows the supply chain results in much lower costs and faster production cycle.
These are technical stuff that we all know. Improvements in the working condition and work organization are the result of the profound productivity and competitiveness. Entrepreneur large or small never showcase, the base level of the production from collection the materials to the making of the final product.

Hiring of the labourers in the production of any product

Understanding the supply chain and business logistics are often interchangeable. Let’s not get into that we will take you to the scenario of the wage earners and the base product level where the efforts remain hidden. When any product is made, the collection of the basic amenities, the labours, the manufacturing procedures, manufacturing processing and finally the product is made.

For example, in a dairy the industry there are certain processes;

We know: Cows are nurtures- ready to give milk and organic milk is collected- stored- pasteurized- sealed – served in bottles or packets to the local market- the final product is the milk.

What we miss out: what is the breed of the cow? Is their health condition? What does the cow depends on grass or along with some other set of food? Does the cow even was ready to give milk? Does the cow gave birth to newly born babies or not?

This is another scenario which needs to be known to us all. What we are enjoying is out final product- Milk. There is unprecedented labour goes in upbringing the cow. As modern consumers, we all need to know the background in details.

Build up the medium for connection

Quality control and quality assured are two important parts for any supply chain. Building the connection with the basic to consumers is the best way to maintain transparency. Cultivo believes in building this chain of the supply process easier and connective to all. Description of the certain services, the labour behind the service, the products and the manufacturing, collection of the materials and the nature of it, and similar other, need to be known to all of us.

We are indebted to many of the individuals because of their hard work and labour, we enjoy the fruit. It is of utmost importance to know about these small yet important details of any product that remains unnoticed. People depend on their job and products. These unrepresented sections of labour should get recognition for their effort of making society better.

We at Cultivo bring on the transparency to get you connected to these mass sections. You as a buyer should know about the details of what you are enjoying or having and the labour whatever form it is should never go unnoticed.

Majority of the social and economic growth is based on the small or medium-sized enterprise. The suppliers and clients are interested in the product. The expansion, be it domestic and international, Labour recognition is demanded. The global economy brings in newer opportunities to challenge the needs of the masses.

Cultivo is the medium of the utmost transparent services, we believe in hard work and recognition what each individual involved in the service for the product making have offered. Talking about the day to day, products and manufacturing process should be known to us for your satisfaction and each one's effort. Let’s bring in a world of connectivity and transparency together.