To provide the best possible solutions for our customers we believe in staying up to date with the latest technological advances that are going to impact the way our world produces, processes, transports and trades.

Block chain is the future of secure and trusted Supply Chains.
At Cultivo, we have been persistently working on producing a highly secured, reliable and stable block chain that helps in creating an environment for the development of a transparent world.

We present to you a decentralized block chain that helps our clients update and track each intricate detail of their product data. The decentralized network facilitates a sense of trust amongst the stakeholders of a supply chain as well as the credibility of the product for end consumers. The block chain has a high security rating, making alteration by any outsiders impossible. Such security helps in resolving the uncertainty related to third party dealers.

How Does a Blockchain work

A step-by-step view


A user requests for transaction


A block representing the transaction created


The block is broadcasted to all the nodes of the network


All the Nodes validate and block and the transaction


The block is added to the chain


The transaction gets verifited and executed